Gibson j45 - 2014 Model -

Sean`s gibson J45 has been with him since he was 18 and it had been his most used guitar for songwriting, performing and recording throughout his career. It had been modified slightly from when he first got it.
Plastic nut and bridge was replaced with Bone. The bridge pins were changed from plastic to tusq to bone and now Rosewood. One side of the guitar is now faded and matt due to setlists being stuck on for live performances. 
Sean has played 1940 Gibsons and has always said nothing can beat his, he has the best acoustic guitar in the world! Song have been through many guitars, but this is one thats glued to his soul.

Strings Used: -Nickel Retro Strings (for recording)
                       -Earnie Ball Earthwood "12`s" 80/20 (For live)

Pickups:         - LR BAGGS (for live performances less than 30mins)

                      - Sure SM57 (For any other time)



Epihpone "Peter Frampton" TEXAN

This is Seans newest acoustic guitar. Being fascinated with a true analogue sound he went looking for a new acoustic guitar that would be durable for gigging. Sean found this and couldnt believe the sound and build quality. Made in Indonesia, it replicates the sound and look of A 60s Texan and It is the most accurate replica Sean has Ever played.
This is Seans go to guitar for any Support slot or Pub gig. 

Strings Used:  -Earnie Ball Earthwood "12`s" Phosphor

Pickups:         - LR BAGGS 



Hohner "Marine Band" Harmonica

Any recording or live performance Sean has ever done, has been with a Marine Band Harmonica over his neck. This is Seans favourite mouth organ due to its woody harsh tones that fill the gaps in the most lonely songs. Nothing beats a Marine Band Harmonica and a bit of Reverb!



Guitars now Gone:

Martin D18 -1952/3- / Martin D28 

Sean got the Martin D28 in 2016 and fell inlove with it. Sean always said that his Martin D28 sounded identical for songs like "Blackbird" or "Helpless Hoping", but that was the problem. It seemed, everytime Sean would pick up the guitar, only covers of great songs would be played. It broke his heart, but it had to go. He traded it for a 1953 Martin D18.
The D18 Mahogany guitar has now unfortunately gone. It was beautiful and sounded like heaven but Vintage guitars are no good for carrying around London or in a seedy bar. Sean had to get rid of this beauty to fund his move to London. But one day, they will be reunited once more.



Martin Road Series 000 Size

Sean used this guitar in his first summer in London around the bars of SOHO.


Epiphone EJ200

This guitar was his first ever acoustic guitar. His whole first album "Buddah In my Left Pocket" was written and recorded using this guitar. A great guitar with the look and feel that Sean loves!


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