I am a artist from the mists of North Devon, England. Away from any sign of freedom and "non-conformity". I started getting interested in music when I heard the album "Help" at the age of 8. I knew I wanted to be the next John Lennon. From that age I picked a cheap nylon acoustic which I got bought for me on my 8th Birthday. I remember hitting that first very out of tune and blunt "D" chord, I thought I was the next Eric Clapton! As I grew older I became more aware of music from that time period. Bands like Pink Floyd, I was fascinated by their use of Effects. I joined various bands but I never felt at home. Till one summers day I heard the song "Like A Rolling Stone" By Bob Dylan and then it was like something hit me. It was like I knew how to solve my problems with just one thing, an acoustic guitar and vocals. That song taught me so much with doing so little. I then knew I wanted to be a solo artist, but still have the sound of my favorites like The Beatles, Floyd and The Kinks.

I also have been inspired a lot by Neil Young and Leonard Cohen, their lyrics really speak out to me in a way that gets me thinking and I hope that my lyrics will one day influence others with the poetry involved. 

I discovered Townes Van Zandt one winter thanks to a friend from Bozeman, Montana who recommded the amazing Heartworn Highways. 

That film changed me, one month later I moved to London...

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