Sean Heath

Sean is an artist from the mists of North Devon, England. Away from any sign of freedom and "non-conformity". He started getting interested in music when he heard the album "Help" at the age of 8. He knew he wanted to be the next John Lennon. From that age he picked a cheap nylon acoustic which he got bought for him on his 8th Birthday. He remember hitting that first very out of tune and blunt "D" chord and thinking he was the next Eric Clapton! As he grew older he became more aware of music from that time period. One summers day he heard the song "Like A Rolling Stone" By Bob Dylan and then it was like something changed him. That song taught him so much with doing so little. He then knew he had to be a solo artist.


Sean discovered Townes Van Zandt one winter thanks to a friend from Bozeman, Montana who recommded the amazing Heartworn Highways.


That film changed him as a musician and as a person, one month later he moved to London to make a mark on the country music scene.

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